List of All MAEPlugins By Origin and Analysis Method

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This document lists all of the MAEPlugins alphabetically, by analysis method, and also links to MAEPlugins available on other Web sites. The MAEPlugins include those donated to the MAExplorer Open source Web site. All plugins distributed from this Web site will have the Java source code, JAR file and documentation. Some of these MAEPlugins were incorporated into MAExplorer after they were written because of their key functionality. However, we are leaving them on the Web site to serve as examples.

If you want to use the jar file plugins directly: (1) install MAExplorer from the list of Jar files on this Web site, (2) get the jar file(s) from the plugins below and save them in the Plugins/ directory where you installed MAExplorer, (3) run MAExplorer and use the (Plugins | Load Plugin) menu command to load the plugin. After it is loaded, just use it as you would any other menu command. The Plugins-jar.tar file is available with all of the MAEPlugin jar files. Simply unpack the directory using Unix tar or a Windows unzip program into a directory you can access when running MAExplorer. To let MAExplorer go directly to these files when you do a (Plugins | Load plugins) menu command, copy the .jar files into the Plugins/ directory where you previously installed MAExplorer. We also periodically update the MAEPlugins-....-src.tar.gz file in the Files download area. Files from the following list of MAEPlugins are archived as follows: source files are from the CVS archive, jar files are from the Web server archive of plugin .jar files, documentation is also from the CVS archive.

If you want to use these plugins as a basis for developing your own plugins, see developing a plugin and other resources available on this Web site. The source code for each plugin is available beow. We encourage, but don't require, plugin writers to donate their new plugin analytic methods to the MAExplorer Open Source Web site for others to use.

1. List of all MAEPlugins sorted alphabetically

2. List of MAEPlugins by analysis method

3. List of MAEPlugins by links to other Web sites

This list contains links to other Web sites where you may obtain the Jar files and (or) Java source and documentation for MAEPlugins from that provider. No MAExplugins will be kept on the this server unless the source code is included.