DISCLAIMER - NCI MicroArray Explorer

The NCI MicroArray Explorer is an experimental microarray data mining system. It was developed by the Image Processing Section, Laboratory of Experimental and Computational Biology, in the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, MD 21702, USA.

The distribution on our MAExplorer home page Web site may be freely downloaded for use by academic or commercial interests. It may be redistributed without restriction. However, we currently recommend getting the latest release from the http://www.lecb.ncifcrf.gov/MAExplorer Web site as that is the only version that will be up to date.

If you anticipate intensive use, please contact us (lemkin@ncifcrf.gov) so that we can discuss future enhancements as MAExplorer is undergoing constant modifications and improvements, as well as possible collaborations.

Please let us know if you have comments, encounter problems when using it, or if you have referenced it in a publication.

The NCI MicroArray Explorer (MAExplorer), and its associated documentation, and data are for research purposes only. It may not be used for diagnosing or treating human subjects. The user will not hold the NCI liable for any damages resulting from using MAExplorer.

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