Primary contributers to MAExplorer were
Peter Lemkin (LECB/NCI), Greg Thornwall (SAIC/FCRDC) in the Laboratory of Experimental and Computational Biology, NCI/NIH, and Jai Evans (DECA/CIT/NIH).

Primary contributers to Cvt2Mae were Peter Lemkin (LECB/NCI), Greg Thornwall (SAIC/FCRDC), Bob Stephens (ABCC/NIH).

We wish to thank the many members of Lothar Hennighausen's Laboratory of Genetics and Physiology (NIDDK) who inspired the initial development of MAExplorer and its continued development. Thanks also to:

Greg Alvord (SAIC/FCRDC),
Kevin Becker and Chris Cheadle (NIA/NIH),
Breast Cancer Think Tank (NCI),
Damien Chaussabel (NIAID),
Terry Clark and Josef Jurrek (U. Chicago),
Mitko Dimitrov (LECB/NCI),
Jai Evans and Chris Santos (DECA/CIT/NIH),
Troy Moore (Research Genetics),
Peter Munson (CIT/NIH),
Alan Li (SourceForge),
Quang Tri Nguyen (LECB+LCRC/NCI),
John Powell, Esther Asaki, Shyam Sundaram(CIT/NIH),
Eric Shen (U. Arizona),
Moshe Shani (Agr. U. Israel),
Richard Simon (NCI/NIH),
Bob Stephens and Gary Smithers (ABCC/FCRDC),
Ron Taylor (U. Colorado),
Mark Vawter (NIDA/NIH, UC-Irvine),
John Weinstein (LMP/NCI), David Kane (SRA/NCI), Ajay (LMP/NCI),
and to many others for useful discussions and suggestions that have helped improve the MAExplorer's capabilities and usability.

Thanks also to Jeff Thomas, Charmaine Richman, and Tom Stackhouse (NCI) for helping with the MAExplorer Open Source process.