Release Archive for stand-alone MicroArray Explorer on NCI/LECB

This is an archive of some of the older stable versions of the MAExplorer stand-alone application program. These are the full installers which include the Java JDKs for all operating systems as well as the MGAP database. The user reference manual (available as a zip file) specific for that version is also included. After a while, we will remove some of the older releases. To find what the current and beta releases are, see the
Install home page. The changes between releases are listed in Section 4.2 Revision Notes.

Release Release Date Manual (.zip) for Release
0.96.02 07-02-2002 -
0.95.20 05-31-2002 (10Mb)
0.95.16 05-24-2002 (10Mb)
0.95.04 03-22-2002 (10Mb)