2.4 Analysis menu

The Analysis menu (see
Figure 1.4) contains an ordered list of six primary menus that may be used, in that order, to perform an initial analysis. In more complex analyses, the sequence of operations will vary and include commands selected from other menus or will use these menus in different order. The Analysis submenus are as follows:

2.4.1 GeneClass Menu
2.4.2 Normalization Menu
2.4.3 Filter Menu
2.4.4 Plot Menu
2.4.5 Cluster Menu
2.4.6 Report Menu

The 'Analysis' submenus are used for most data-mining operations

Figure 2.4 MAExplorer main window with Analysis Menu. The menu structure of MAExplorer was designed to allow users to quickly perform commonly used data-mining operations as a first approximation analysis.