2.7 Help menu

Various on-line help and documents are available if you are connected to the Internet. These will appear in a separate pop-up Web browser window so you may view them while working with MAExplorer. This includes on-line documentation (including this reference manual), tutorials, and other information. This may be links to other Web pages describing key areas of specific databases. For example, for the MGAP database, the point back to key areas of MGAP including the
MGAP Animal Models, Histology atlas, etc. You can then use the browser's "Save as" and "Print" options to save the data to a file or print it.

The Help menu includes:


2.7.1 Adding custom help links to your database to the Help menu

These Database-specific help menu entries list of entries are keyed to the database you are using and may be customized by the database maintainer in the configuration file (Section C.5.6) to links relating to the particular database. For example, database specific help for the MGAP database is: