MAExplorer - (PDF) documents

There are a number of Adobe Acrobat PDF formated documents and slide shows available for the NCI MicroArray Explorer.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can download it for free.   The following lists some of the PDF documents you may download

  1. Extending MicroArray Explorer with R Language Scripts
    Poster given at 1st NCI-Frederick Bioinformatics Forum, June 24-25,2003. It presents extending MAExplorer with R using "R Layouts" (RLO) and the RtestPlugin.

  2. MicroArray Explorer - An Expandable Open-Source Java-based Data Mining Tool
    (Revised 9-11-2002) Poster given at 2nd CHI Microarray Data Analysis conference, Sept 10-11, 2002. It presents a menu overview of MAExplorer and a discussion of the MAEPlugins Open Java API interface.

  3. Configuring Sourceforge's CVS to work with Forte (3.0 or later) on WindowsNT and Windows 2000
    (Revised 9-2002) "How to" that is specific for, by Eric Shen, July 2002. It is also available as a PowerPoint (PPT) file.

  4. Overview of MAExplorer
    (Revised 7-10-2001) This is a short slide show giving an overview of MAExplorer

  5. MAExplorer as a microarray data mining tool
    (Revised 9-10-2001) Talk given at Workshop on the Integration of Genomic and Proteomic databases, Argonne National Labs, Sept. 10-11, 2001.

  6. MicroArray Explorer - A Java-based Tool For Data Mining Microarrays
    (Revised 9-28-2001) Paper presented at the AMS-IMS-SIAM Summer Conference on Statistics in Functional Genomics (June 10-14, 2001).

  7. Software Design of the MicroArray Explorer Data Mining Tool
    (Revised 5-16-2002) Describes software design and Java class structure of the software. It is also available as a PowerPoint (PPT) file.

  8. Nucleic Acids Research 28: 4452-4459, 2000
    First paper describing MAExplorer as a Web application as well as a stand-alone Java application.

  9. Introduction To Datamining For Microarrays
    (Revised 10-27-2001) This slide show describes some of the issues involved in datamining of microarray data. It is also available as a PowerPoint (PPT) file.

  10. MAExplorer Reference Manual
    This is the entire reference manual converted to a PDF file with the lower resolution figures (>6Mb). Use the on-line versions to access the higher resolution figures

  11. Poster given at the July, 2001 NCI Breast Cancer Think Tank
    (Revised 7-30-2002) This slide show illustrates:

  12. Using Cvt2Mae to converting array data for MAExplorer. These slide shows illustrate how to use the Cvt2Mae data format converter on various types of array data file formats.
    (Revised 1-28-2002)

  13. Examples of MAExplorer functionality
    (Revised 10-27-2001) This slide show illustrates some of the functionality of MAExplorer using a variety of screen shots.

  14. Using MAExplorer with the NCI/CIT mAdb microarray database server
    (Revised 1-29-2002) This slide show illustrates how to:
    1. download and install MAExplorer on your computer, and
    2. download and use data from mAdb with MAExplorer