Downloads for The MicroArray Explorer Project

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Table 1. below lists the various types of downloads: program installers, source code files, jar files, and information on installing the programs. The Java API documentation is also available. Table 2. lists various ways to download the Mammary Genome Anatomy Program (MGAP) public data set that can be used with MAExplorer.

Types of download files available

You may download program installers for your particular computer for both MAExplorer and Cvt2Mae. You may also download executable JAR files for the MAEPlugins. There is a discussion of the program installer process for MAExplorer. The same procedure is used for installing Cvt2Mae. If you are interested in the source code, that is also available. Individual files are available in the CVS directories listed in the table below (see instructions on using CVS to access these files directly with CVS). Gzipped tar archived packages of the source code are also available on the site.

Click on the entries to download the files.

Table 1. Access of MAExplorer, MAEPlugins, Cvt2Mae from either Web server

Program Installer
Update Program
Information on
Source Jar file(s)
MAExplorer MAExplorer installing MAExplorer source code MAExplorer.jar
MAEPlugins - - (not required) Using MAEPlugins source code List of MAEPlugins
Cvt2Mae 0.73 0.73 Cvt2Mae installing Cvt2Mae source code Cvt2Mae.jar

Mammary Genome Anatomy Program (MGAP) public data set

You may also download the Mammary Genome Anatomy Program
(MGAP) public data set that can be used with MAExplorer. There is a list of of PDF documents describing MAExplorer and the Cvt2Mae data conversion wizard that may be downloaded.

Table 2. Download the Mammary Genome Anatomy Program (MGAP) public data set

The Mammary Genome Anatomy Program (MGAP) using mouse models has available a of public data set of 50 samples that may be downloaded and used with MAExplorer or other types of analysis. The hybridized samples data consists of tab-delimited files (no images) for about 1700 duplicate spots/membrane. There is a list of startup .mae files included in the download. You may download it several different ways.

Download method Web address
A single gzip file from SourceForge MGAP-Array-database.tar.gz
As separate files
A single zip file
A single tar file

Upgrading the MAExplorer or Cvt2Mae JAR program files after the initial installation

If you want to upgrade your installation to the latest JAR files, simply download the JAR files and save them wherever you have installed the programs replacing the previous jar files. For example, in a typical Windows OS installation, the MAExplorer.jar (or Cvt2Mae.jar) is installed in C:\Program Files\MAExplorer\ (or C:\Program Files\Cvt2Mae\) folder. Alternatively, you can update the Jar file when running MAExplorer or Cvt2Mae as described in the next paragraph.

Updating the MAExplorer or Cvt2Mae JAR files from the running programs

You can use the new "Update MAExplorer" command in the Files menu to quickly download and install just the JAR file. This first prompt you to verify that you want to update your program. Then it will (1) backup the current MAExplorer.jar file as MAExplorer.jar.bkup; (2) copy the latest MAExplorer.jar file from the Web site and replace your MAExplorer.jar file in your installation directory. Then when you restart MAExplorer, it will use the new version of the program.

Similarly, in the Cvt2Mae program, pressing the "Update Cvt2Mae" button will repeat the same process except that it does it for the Cvt2Mae.jar file and creates a backup file called Cvt2Mae.jar.bkup.

MAEPlugin JAR program files

A Plugins-jar.tar file is available with all of the released MAEPlugin jar files. Simply unpack the directory using Unix tar or a Windows unzip program and copy the .jar files into a directory you can access when running MAExplorer. To let MAExplorer go directly to these files when you do a (Plugins | Load plugins) menu command, copy the .jar files into the Plugins/ directory where you previously installed MAExplorer. For example, in a typical Windows OS installation, this would be the C:\Program Files\MAExplorer\Plugins\ folder.

Revision history of MAExplorer and Cvt2Mae

See the Revision notes for more information on what changes have been made to MAExplorer and Cvt2Mae and what new features are available or bugs have been corrected.