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    Short Tutorial
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    A.1 Demo data

    A.2 General instructions

    A.3 Self-guided tutorial

    A.3.1 Review data
    A.3.1.1 Known gene EP
    A.3.1.2 Find gene subsets
    A.3.1.3 Scatter plots
    A.3.1.4 Plot Cy3 Vs Cy5
    A.3.1.5 Filter by ratio
    A.3.1.6 Filter by intensity
    A.3.1.7 EP plots N-HPs

    A.3.2 Normalization
    A.3.2.1 Set normalization

    A.3.3 Gene class EPs
    A.3.3.1 Gene class filter
    A.3.3.2 Clone Reports
    A.3.3.3 Excel Reports

    A.3.4 Editing gene sets
    A.3.4.1 Defining E.G.L.
    A.3.4.2 Filter by E.G.L.
    A.3.4.3 Report of E.G.L.

    A.3.5 Find similar genes

    A.3.6 K-means clustering
    A.3.6.1 Varying # clusters
    A.3.6.2 New cluster seed
    A.3.6.3 Cluster EPs
    A.3.6.4 Clusters report
    A.3.6.5 Scatter plot clusters

    A.3.7 User gene sets Filter
    A.3.7.1 List of gene sets
    A.3.7.2 Filter by gene set
    A.3.7.3 Gene set operations

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