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    Menu summary
    Quick start

    1. Introduction
    1.1 Microarrays and notation
    1.2 Image quantification
    1.3 Displays & plots
    1.4 Analysis overview
    1.5 Starting MAExplorer
    1.6 Tutorials

    2. MAExplorer menus
    2.1 File Menu
    2.2 Samples Menu
    2.3 Edit Menu
    2.4 Analysis Menu
    2.4.1 GeneClass Menu
    2.4.2 Normalization Menu
    2.4.3 Filter Menu
    2.4.4 Plot Menu
    2.4.5 Cluster Menu
    2.4.6 Report Menu
    2.5 View Menu
    2.6 Plugins Menu
    2.7 Help Menu

    3. Exploratory Analysis
    3.1 Analysis objectives
    3.2 Analysis steps
    3.3 Gene intensity displays
    3.4 Gene subsets
    3.5 Sample conditions lists
    3.6 Threshold sliders
    3.7 Exporting data

    4. Status and Bugs
    4.1 Known Bugs
    4.2 Revision Notes
    4.3 Browser problems
    4.4 Handling fatal errors

    R.1 N.A.R. paper (PDF)
    R.2 Overview (PDF)
    R.3 Examples (PDF)
    R.4 Use with mAdb (PDF)
    R.5 Intro Data Mining (PDF)
    R.6 Convert array data (PDF)
    R.7 S.F.G. paper (PDF)


    A. Short tutorial
    B. Advanced tutorial

    C. User's array data
    C.1 Quantified spot data
    C.2 Sample file format
    C.3 Quant. file format
    C.4 GIPO table format
    C.5 Configuring tables
    C.6 Using Cvt2Mae 'wizard'

    D. Using stand-alone
    D.1 Installing stand-alone
    D.2 Downloading
    D.3 Starting .mae files
    D.4 Format .mae files
    D.5 Using as Applet
    D.6 Startup .mae files

    E. Design Issues
    E.1 Array data conversion
    E.2 Client- vs. server-centric
    E.3 Cvt2Mae data converter
    E.4 MAExplorer plugins
    E.5 Web DB server design


    List of Figures
    List of Tables


    Help desk

  • Short Tutorial
  • Advanced tutorial
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    Downloading MAExplorer

  • Stand-alone version
  • Revision notes describing the latest version and features of MicroArray Explorer Revision notes

  • Download and install NAExplorer, Cvtg2Mae, source or Jar files

    Data format conversion

  • User's array data
  • Cvt2Mae converter

    Plugin Extensions

  • MAEPlugins Web page

    Open Source

  • MAExplorer Open Source

  • javadocs for source
  • Design doc (PDF) or (PPT)
  • MPL1.1 Public License
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